Fascinating Ultra-Realistic 3D Photos & 3D Video Images of "The Real Jamaica"


"Psalm 33:12 - Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord...."

Come to Beautiful Lush Jamaica

(view with red-cyan colored 3D filter glasses)


Welcome to Paradise - YS Falls


We believe that ultra-realistic stereoscopic 3D imaging (such as is shown in the 3D photo above) is the very best visual medium by which we can convey to you and all of the rest of the tourist world the fantastic, lush tropical beauty which may be found all over this blessed Caribbean island.


Our website's 3D photos & 3D videos of the many unique attractions and delightful scenes which you will encounter in Jamaica will seem to bring them right to life for you there on your screen! For example, below we have presented you with a short 3D video clip of a few glorious morning moments taken at the Sea Wind Beach Resort in Negril during Jamaica's warm, balmy winter weather. This clip portrays the island's utterly relaxing tranquility and its lush tropical ecology in super realistic 3D....


(view with red-cyan colored 3D filter glasses)


If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.


Anaglyph stereo 3D videos like the one above show best with very little ghosting in 720p full screen mode. So start the video, click through to You Tube and click on the gear icon that pops up under it so that you may set its display quality to 720p. Once you have set it, take the video to full screen mode, and put on your "old school" red-cyan colored 3D filter glasses, back it up to its beginning and enjoy the ultra-realism that it projects of this unique and colorful, tropical Jamaican place!



The anaglyph 3D photo slideshow shown below of scenes taken all over Jamaica displays best in full screen mode. So start it up, set it to full screen mode, click the options button on top of it to set it to the slideshow photo display speed that you prefer. Then put on your glasses and back it up to the beginning and let it go.

(from Flickr.com - requires red - cyan colored 3D glasses)


If this slideshow is not supported on your device, click HERE to view it on Google+

If you do not have a pair of red-cyan colored 3D glasses with which to view our 3D images please send us a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and we will send you one free pair by return mail. Add $1 cash to your SASE for each additional pair of glasses desired.


We sincerely believe that stereo 3D photo and video images are unsurpassed as attention grabbing, super-realistic visuals. Therefore we are sure that our 3D photo and 3D video images all over this website will grab your attention enough to allure you to vacation soon in Jamaica. We want you to come to this beautiful, exotic island to spend some of your time and some of your money in order to improve the lives of all Jamaicans, especially its wonderful little people, while you relax and enjoy all that this paradise has to offer tourists.



Anaglyph 3D is said to be "old school" 3D in comparison to today's new modern polarized movie and TV 3D but for existing computer screens it is actually "cutting edge" as was mentioned above! How can this be? It's simply because the "old school" anaglyph format stereoscopic 3D display uses color and not polarization within its double offsetting images. So to separate each of them into each of your eyes as they display on your computer monitor or tablet screen, red-cyan colored 3D filter glasses are used. This then, using your natural mental process of stereopsis, creates within your mind its 3D illusion.


Today's new modern 3D movies, 3D TV's and 3D gaming computers require polarized (not red colored) offsetting images to be overlaid and displayed upon their specially engineered 3D screens in order to create their 3D illusion in your mind (when you view them with polarized passive or active shutter glasses). Since most computer and tablet screens were never constructed to display polarized images, they cannot now display 3D illusions using this polarization of images. Consequently, for existing computer screens, our 3D images seen through "old school" red-cyan colored filter glasses are actually "cutting edge" technology.


Anaglyph 3D images are therefore the only in-screen and out-of-screen 3D depth images available for existing computers and tablets and this will be the case until new polarized screen technology becomes cheap enough and desirable enough for people to begin to purchase it in volume to replace their old screens. Today, that technological improvement for your existing computer can run you upwards of $350 per computer from Nvidia whereas our 3D for your existing screens only costs you $1 for a pair of cardboard red-cyan colored 3D glasses with which to view it! So with these economics we believe that our anaglyph technology will be around for a very long time.



Those organizations that do wish to reach a 3D audience on the internet today are converting their polarized images for 3D TV's and the movies into the anaglyph format so that they can be displayed on existing computer or tablet screens. Below is a case in point wherein Eurosport converted one of Jamaica's Usain Bolt's victorious relay race into the anaglyph format for your screen.

Some devices do not support embeds of 3D videos like this one from You Tube in which case it must be viewed on another device that does support them.

As you delve more deeply into our website (by clicking through to the various entries shown in our left menu), what you will soon come to realize is that our so-called "old school" 3D can display some absolutely jaw-dropping, "cutting edge", ultra-realistic in-screen and out-of-screen 3D illusions on your existing monitor!

It's only flaw is a minor one that you might not even notice. It is that our images' red colors distort within your mind into a charcoal grey because of the necessary use of the red colored filter lens in the glasses to separate the 2 offsetting images of a scene into each of your eyes. So, in spite of the fact that our 3D is so inexpensive to you, it does have this minor but almost unnoticeable flaw. Therefore we have dubbed it Poor Man’s 3D.

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