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3D Illusions

All flat screen 3D must be an illusion, by the very definition of the word "flat". This is because the display side of a flat screen has no actual 3rd dimension. What happens to create the illusion of 3D in and out of it is that 2 offset stereoscopic 3D images are displayed flat on it which when seen through our eyes take advantage of the workings of our visual cortex (which possesses an innate ability to combine them within our minds and convert them there into 3 dimensions).

These 2 slightly offset images, one for each eye, create the illusion in our minds of 3 dimensions coming out of and receeding into our computer's flat screens. This process is called stereopsis and it works within all people's minds who have 2 normally functioning eyes. In a very small percentage of the population however, stereopsis does not occur even with 2 functioning eyes and of course it does not occur with those who have only one functioning eye.

Below is an example of an in and out-of-screen 3D illusion that we employ on this website....

Anaglyph Format (requires red cyan 3D glasses)

Dragon Gate Chinese Restaurant on Clark Street in Chicago - Order Pickup

Click on this out-of-screen anaglyph image to view it in better larger sizes on Flickr.com

The blurry looking photo above (in the anaglyph double image format) can give you an amazing 3D illusion, but only when you view it through red-cyan colored 3D filter glasses. Then the lady's arm and the bag will appear to be extending well outside of the screen. If you patiently view it for a while, it will appear as if she is holding the bag almost in your lap! In fact, as you watch it longer in full screen mode, the bag will seem to come so far out-of-screen that you can literally reach out and grab it! Of course, when you try to do that, your hand will pass right through it to quickly remind you that what you are seeing is merely an illusion, even though it appears to be so real!

If you don't have a pair of red-cyan colored 3D glasses with which to view our anaglyph images, please send us a self addressed stamped envelop (SASE) and we will send you a free pair by return mail. Add $1 cash to your SASE for each additional pair of glasses desired.

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This kind of amazing out-of-screen illusion is what is so exciting about 3D imagery! It is ultra-realistic and quite fascinating! You can even display this image on your smart phone's small flat screen wherein (with the same 3D glasses) this 3D illusion will still work. Try it now and then do it again later to impress your friends.

In the anaglyph format, 2 slightly offset images of the same scene / event (one in red) are overlayed upon your computer screen creating one seemingly out of focus, blurry image. However, when you view the image wearing a pair of 3D glasses, the 2 images are color separated by the different colored lenses of the glasses to go into each of your eyes. They then combine within your visual cortex to give you a very strong illusion of depth within or outside of the screen (as in the photo above).

We have provided you with the anaglyph photo above in order to give you an opportunity to see for yourself just how 3D depth inside and protruding oustide of your own flat screen is possible. But we also want you to see the difference in depths that anaglyph images can display out-of-screen so we embedded the following slide-show video for you on that subject....

(from You Tube - requires red - cyan colored 3D glasses)

If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.

The anaglyph photos in the slideshow video above have very strong 3D characteristics so it may take a moment for you to get them into focus (stop the video if necessary for each image in order to do so). Just keep looking at the protruding fist until your vision adjusts to it appearing to be sticking well outside of the screen. The background will gradually come into focus too as your eyes adjust to these photos' strong 3D effect.

3D Imaging is Fun, Fascinating and Utterly Captivating!

When you view a 2D photo, you're so used to 2D images that you just briefly scan it and go right on to the next one. Not so with good 3D images like those above! They can stop you in your tracks and fully capture your attention for quite a while because their illuson of depth entices your eyes to run all around every last detail within them. The 3rd dimension captivates us because it adds so much more for us to mentally evaluate in each photo.

Again, let us direct you to the first example above of the lady with the bag apparently hanging out-of-screen. If you just saw a photo on a computer screen of a lady handing a bag towards the camera you'd probably skip right past it without a 2nd thought. But when her arm holding the bag seems to hang right out of your flat screen, almost setting the bag in your lap, you're so captivated by that effect that you're sure to spend much more time looking it over than you would spend on a 2D version of it. This is just what my brother Al and I did when we first saw a 3D version of ourselves (which we captured in the photo below).

(red-cyan 3D glasses required)

As we mentioned, out-of-screen 3D shots will entice you to spend more time looking at them then you would spend looking at any 2D photos. The following playlist of video slide-shows discuss much, much more about the phenomena of in and out-of-screen 3D on your computer and give you plenty of great example images in 3D.

If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.

And below are links to some really great 3D photo shots that others have taken which makes this point. We think that these are exceptional enough for us to link you to them so that you may see more of the attention grabbing effect of 3D photo portrayals of their subjects.


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