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3D Promotions

3D images can be absolutely marvelous attention grabbers for the promotion of many kinds of enterprises, products, events, geographical locations, etc. When well done, they always elicit a "Wow!" or "OMG!" response from their first time viewers so this is the first thing that makes them great for promotions. Second is that because these images are so surprising, they become rather unforgettable for quite a while.

3D images have been successfully used by for promotions by NASA, Playboy Magazine, Maxim Magazine, various comic books, computer games, etc. However, the problem with 3D promotions is that their prospects must have special 3D glasses with which to view the 3D images that are used in the promotion?!? So dispensing 3D glasses must be an integral part of the promotion process and this can get to be a bit expensive when done on a large scale.

NASA, which has a vast worldwide audience, assumes that those who view their website already have red-cyan colored 3D glasses on hand or that they will get them on their own so they have no glasses expense in their promotions but they also lose a tremendous amount of their potential audience because most people just don't have them and are not going to bother getting them.

Playboy, Maxim and comic books are all sent out with a pair of 3D glasses embedded in the center of their publication at minimal extra expense to them (probably no more than $.20 a pair) so that their customers may immediately view the 3D images within them. Computer games usually come with a pair or two of 3D glasses within their packaging for their customers to view their special 3D screen images. Their customers pay the price for the glasses as a small markup which nicely solves the problem of dispensing 3D glasses to their customers at no expense to the promoter.

But for other and smaller promotions there are few inexpensive means by which to get 3D glasses into the hands of those whom the promoter wants to view their 3D images (3D glasses mailing can cost upwards of $1.50 per pair all things considered). We ourselves offer one free pair of cardboard red - cyan colored 3D glasses to our viewers if they will merely send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope by which for us to return mail the glasses to them. This dispensing method is quite inexpensive for us to work ($.50 per pair) but very few people take us up on the offer so it is not very effective for our own website promotions. Most of our existing audience, which so far is rather small, must already have their own 3D glasses because they sure don't come to us for them. As a result of this experience, we do not consider asking those to whom we promote to write to us for free glasses as being a good way for a promotion to reach or increase their audience.

To do 3D promotions, the promoters must first plan to make customized cardboard 3D glasses an integral part of the promotion plan. Promoters can easily customize 3D glasses themselves (permanently advertising the promotion upon them for whenever they are being used) but then they must figure out the best way to put those customized 3D glasses into the hands of the people who are the promotion's targetted viewers. The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) did this kind of thing when they created a short 3D promotional video by which to show off the island on the internet to the world's tourists so as to attract more of them to vacation there.

Their video was made in a number of different 3D formats, two in polarized formats for use as trailers to 3D movies and one in the anaglyph format for them to post on the internet and through it to draw in computer and tablet screen viewers. The polarized formats all made use of the movie theaters' 3D glasses so there was no expense to the JTB for the use of them (which is kind of brilliant). But the anaglyph format's required 3D glasses had to be designed, purchased and sent by snail mail to all travel agencies world wide and also to anyone who requested them. Since they included a multipage brochure, that got rather expensive, I'm sure.

But in this manner they got multiple use and re-use of their 3D video and it seems to have helped them with the island's tourism because (along with some extra heavy TV advertising) during the great recession, their tourism was almost unaffected while every other tourist venue suffered!

With our 3D promotions, we entirely focus upon a specific audience, just as the JTB's efforts were focused upon the world's travel agencies. Because we only do anaglyph 3D imaging for computer viewing, our promotions utilize inexpensive custom made cardboard red-cyan 3D glasses to be mailed or handed out to prospective computer screen viewers. We figure out just how to do this as inexpensively as possible for our customers and if it turns out that it will be too expensive a proposition, we suggest to our customers not to do the 3D promotion.

But if the promotion is feasible, we would develop a special but very simple 3D website (modeled after this one) for the promotion. Additionally, we would create a You Tube account for the promotion's photo slideshow 3D videos and / or for the promotion's regular 3D videos (or some combination of the two of them) that we make for it. You Tube is a free secondary place from which to do the promotions, the utilization of which we highly recommend. We are doing this exact thing for all of our 3D websites so we are qualified to do this for others.

Please contact us directly (773-908-5448) to thoroughly discuss the feasibility of 3D imaging for your particular enterprise or project.

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