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"Psalm 33:12 - Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord...."

About Us

Jim and Alex Hanson (not blood related, just Divinely ordained e-brothers) are the co-webmasters of this 3D website and a number of other informative websites and blogs.

(red-cyan 3D glasses required)

We both are Christians who live and work in Chicago. We are also both geeks who have low paying jobs. But because of our love for Jamaica and its wonderful residents, we assidiously save our money to pay for visits to the island during the winter (but only if and when we have enough funds accumulated to do so). When we come to Jamaica, our 3D camera is out and actively at work, recording as much stereoscopic visual information of the colorful, interesting things on the island as we possibly can.

As Christians we feel that we are being empowered and led by the Spirit of God to use our technical skills and our limited resources to try to help to improve the lives of the poorer people in Jamaica who are much worse off than we are. We try to do this by taking and then presenting over the internet to you the world's tourists, our super-realistic 3D images of scenes that we find all over this lush, exotic, tropical island. We do this in hopes that our amazing 3D images will inspire you to visit Jamaica to see these places for yourself and in so doing you will spend some of your money with the poorer Jamaican people.

Rather than for us to seek other jobs with higher pay in techie corporate "slave mines" wherein we would be required to interminably shovel corporate "computer coal", we prefer to stay independent and free in our current part time jobs. So, though we have very limited income from them, we try to make a few extra $$$ from clicks upon targetted ads that we have embedded on this and on our various other websites and blogs.

We can honestly confess that we don't game the information sector of the internet with cheap inaccurate or insufficient information on the subjects we report upon, just to make ad revenues. We try to make each of our niche internet entities as informative and thorough about their particular subjects as we possibly can, just as we are trying to do here in providing you tourists with some really good 3D visuals of as many of the "touristy" things as can be found in Jamaica.

Prior to creating this website, we authored the free 2200 page Negril Jamaica Tourist Vidia Project website which we designed to help improve tourism in the Jamaican tourist town of Negril. It gives the world's tourists as much 2D visual information as possible on all of Negril's "touristy" things. It might be of interest for you to use that website to do your research on your next visit to Negril because it visually displays in 2D over 700 of Negril's tourist enterprises. That is many, many more places than we can yet visually show here in 3D on the Negril section of this website. That website visually displays many of the town's unique features which include its 7 mile tropical beach, its exotic 40' diving cliffs and its lush and colorful inland areas.

Right after we finished our Vidia website, Fujifilm came out with their relatively inexpensive but very capable little W3 point & shoot 3D camera which opened up the opportunity for us to take much more realistic 3D photos and videos of beautiful Negril and the rest of Jamaica. Once we had taken our first batch of 3D images there we created our first 3D website - 3D-Negril.com which once again played on the Negril theme but with much better super-realistic 3D visuals. Then we created this 3D website for all of Jamaica. It is not nearly as thorough as is our Vidia but it nicely highlights some of the island's and some of Negril's major attractions in amazing ultra-realistic, stereoscopic 3D. When you view its 3D images you will feel as though you are already right there in Jamaica on your vacation.

As we mentioned above, our main objective in creating all 3 of our websites for Jamaica is to use the island's exotic beauty to "entice" as many of you tourists as we possibly can to come to Negril and / or other areas in Jamaica. We want you to spend some of your money on its wonderful, colorful but poor little people.

This objectrive is best done by encouraging you to not book your stay at an all-inclusive resort because then all of the money you spend on your visit just goes to them and to the airlines that fly you there and back. Instead we want you to research and book your stays at the island's good, safe, boutique resorts and then use their qualified local drivers when you want to go around and experience the island's wonderful attractions. Here we show you as many of these resorts as we can in ultra-realistic 3D in order to encourage you to stay in them and then to spend some of your money outside of them.

It is our intention, God willing, to take as many 3D visual images as we possibly can of Negril & the rest of Jamaica on each of our future trips to the island and to display them here because we feel that 3D is the very best way to portray the beauty of Jamaica to you, the world's tourists. Both our Negril website and this website utilize 2 formats of 3D, one for photos and videos which needs to be viewed with red-cyan 3D glasses and one for 3D photos only that displays an in-the-screen 3D without the need for 3D glasses.

In the following video Jim discusses both of our 3D formats....

If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.

We hope that you can make use of information from all of our websites on Jamaica and Negril for your next vacation! Thank you and may God richly bless you!

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