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3D Scenes of Kingston Jamaica

The Island's Capitol City

The city of Kingston is located on the south coast of Jamaica. It is the political capital of Jamaica as well as its leading commercial center and its largest ocean port. As such, the majority of the economy of the entire Jamaican island gravitates to or through Kingston.

Though the Kingston area itself does not provide Jamaica's most important tourist draw, its history still provides tourists and locals wuth some very interesting attractions. This is because it has been a very active city for hundreds of years so it has a whole lot of history to depict. Its historic attractions are all located within the city and within its nearby districts. The following are those that we have so far 3D documented....

You may wish to view all of these attractions one behind the other instead of clicking above to view each of them separately. So the following is a 4 video 3D playlist of all 3 of these attractions, one behind the other....

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