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Poor Man's 3D

3D imaging created by utilizing various free and / or inexpensive computer 3D technologies

We are a couple of amateur cameramen who shoot all of our images using the relatively inexpensive and easy to use Fujifuilm W3 point-n-shoot 3D camera, mostly on automatic settings. From it we download images into our computer where we convert them into the anaglyph 3D display format that you see on this website. It is one of only 2 3D formats that work for viewing 3D images on your existing computer or tablet screen. It requires the viewer to utilize red-cyan 3D glasses in order to focus & view its 3D illusion. The following photo slideshow video displays a number of out-of-screen 3D shots in order to show you how good its 3D illusion is....

(from You Tube - requires red - cyan colored 3D glasses)

If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.

This anaglyph format is an "old school" 3D format from the 1950's. Back then it was displayed to movie audiences upon special extra bright movie screens and it still works today on computer monitors and tablet and smartphone screens. But computer, tablet and smart phone screens cannot display the POLARIZED images required by the new, better 3D formats now seen at the movies or on 3D TV's or on specialized 3D gaming computers.

So, as a result of this problem, our anaglyph 3D format (though over 60 years old) is "cutting edge" for existing computer and tablet screens because it uses colored images (rather than polarized images) to create its 3D illusion. However to do so this format requires the"old school" red - cyan colored 3D glasses, not polarized 3D glasses, in order for viewers to focus it's amazingly realistic 3D illusions upon your existing screens. The video below demonstrates the limits of its out-of-screen capabilities.

(from You Tube - requires red - cyan colored 3D glasses)

If your device does not support playing this 3D video it must be viewed on another device that does support it.

The anaglyph 3D format works for both 3D photos and 3D videos. We call all of this POOR MAN'S 3D because it costs so little for us to produce and for you to view through $1 cardboard red-cyan 3D filter glasses. In fact our costs to create and display our 3D images on nearly any computer screen are miniscule compared to producing higher quality polarized, passive or active shutter-glass 3D movies and 3D TV images. So we trade-off huge production and viewing costs for a very slight reduction in image display quality within our Poor Man's 3D and that's how we can give you FREE 3D here on this website.

  1. Fujifilm 3D W3 photo and video camera - $260 + $50 battery + $80 high speed 16 gig memory card
  2. Cyberlink Power Director 10 video editing software - $80
  3. You-Tube - $0
  4. Flickr - $25 annually

Our advice to any of you who may decide to emulate what we have done here in order to visually promote your own city or town to tourists (or to visually promote anything else for that matter) is that you should try to utilize a quad core computer which is configured with at least 4 gigabytes of RAM, a good video card and at least 1 TB of hard disk storage. Any computer with less capacity than this will have inadequate speed and / or storage capacity for your photo and video 3D images and will slow down the anaglyph conversion process and all of your other 3D image processings.

Also you should use a high bandwidth internet connection (as high possible) in order to expedite your image uploads to You -Tube because this is the slowest aspect of the whole conversion and display process.

Displaying 3D

Converting this camera's images to be displayed on computer screens is not as easy as it is to take them and that's one of the rubs that have prevented 3D from being more widely incorporated on the internet. Creating 3D displays is a bit involved and time consuming for the average person to do but it's an ideal project for techno-geeks like ourselves and others who are of a similar mind set.

The Fujifulm 3D camera outputs 2 kinds of photo images, a common 2D Jpeg image and a second 3D image that is in their own proprietary MPO format. Only the camera's 2D jpeg output images which are huge may be reduced in size and then displayed directly on a computer screen without further conversion. But because they are 2D images they don't accomplish our 3D purposes here, so we just mention them in passing.

Instead, we use Fujifilm's proprietary MPO photo images and its AVI 3D video images. The AVI's convert right into 3D videos. With our video editing software, the MPO's convert into 3D anaglyph photos for display within our 3D photo slideshow videos. Both of these are the 3D anaglyph images that can display in 3D on any computer screen. We upload this video editing software's output into videos within our account on You Tube and from there we embed the videos here.

So, as you can tell, there is quite a bit of work involved in doing all of these conversions but it is inexpensive and it is fairly easy to do once you work out all of the kinks of doing it. If anyone else out there wants to do a similar thing for their own geographical area just contact us and we will be happy to help you to do it. The following is a You Tube playlist of 2 videos that display techniques for best taking good in-the-screen 3D shots....

Our 3D Imaging Services

* If you would like us to 3D visually document some special event or occasion of your own for its promotion, just contact us to discuss it.

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